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Our experienced team has managed North American OEM automotive relationships for global Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers  for over 50 years.  We efficiently navigate the North American OEM maze to introduce your new and innovative automotive technologies to the global market.  With headquarters in metropolitan Detroit, we are your local partner, commercial/technical point of contact, and first responder.




JUNE 2020

On June 1, 2020, Tony Hopkins joined Mayne-McKenney as Senior Advisor. Tony has 38 years of automotive leadership and has led international operations in Europe and global product development organizations in multiple locations. Most recently, his eight year effort resulted in over 200% divisional growth of a Tier 1 supplier in North America. Tony is a graduate of Northwood University, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.


On Jan. 1, 2019, Mayne-McKenney promoted Mike Tarasi to Vice President. With 28 years of automotive experience, Mike will continue to develop new potential principal relationships while overseeing management of Mayne-McKenney’s current principals.  Read more on Mike's background here.

MARCH 2018

We are proud to celebrate 20 years of progress and teamwork with our principal Jing Mei Automotive, a chrome plated plastic supplier for interior and exterior parts. With the help of Mayne-McKenney, Jing Mei was awarded its first automotive part on the 1997 Lincoln Town Car Signature and its most recently awarded part for North America was on the 2018 Tesla Model 3. Congratulations Jing Mei!


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    From $0 to $3 Billion


    Mayne-McKenney’s automotive connections and expertise turned Yazaki’s small sales office in Milwaukee selling wire harnesses to the lawn mower equipment industry into a $3 billion automotive wiring supplier selling to Detroit based automotive OEMs.

    Mayne-McKenney Expands Business to More Than $110 M


    A small aftermarket infotainment supplier fought a misperception of offering an inferior product line when it began to sell its products to the Detroit automotive OEMs. As a result of Mayne-McKenney’s efforts to help build the company’s reputation for high quality and delivery, they became a major supplier to Ford Motor Company and expanded their business to more than $110 million.

    Ford Motor Company Calls on Mayne-McKenney to Represent Potential Supplier; Gul Grows from $0 to $26 Million


    Thanks to Mayne-McKenney’s great reputation with vetting suppliers for Ford Motor Company and its expertise in printed circuit boards, Ford played matchmaker with a Singapore based supplier to see if they would represent the manufacturer, which resulted in 23 years of representation

    From Manufacturing Kitchen and Bath Products to $100 Million Global Automotive Supplier


    A major automotive OEM sought a decorative plastics supplier and asked Mayne-McKenney to consider working with Jing Mei to help them learn how to supply to high volume chrome plated plastic parts to automotive OEMs. The Chinese manufacturer had very little automotive experience and a warehouse in Chicago, Ill. to supply kitchen and bath products. After working with Mayne-McKenney, the company now has relationships with automotive OEMs and designs its automotive products in Detroit. Jing Mei Automotive has grown to supply more than $100 million in products to automakers globally over the past 20 years.

    Building Companies from the Ground Up – from $0 to $145 M


    Sometimes Mayne-McKenney’s technology expertise means they get to help build companies from the ground up. This was the case when a new automotive antenna technology was being formed.  Mayne-McKenney was first introduced to a German firm that made AM/FM antennas in the rear glass when that technology was not commonplace in North America. After a series of sales and moves, the key engineers who developed the technology approached Mayne-McKenney to see if they would consider investing in the company. Mayne-McKenney could see the potential and became investors and founders of the company, which grew to be a $100 million company.

    Mayne-McKenney Grows Steering Wheel Business from $0 to $60 Million and 95% of Chrysler Business; Then Manages Transition to Benefit Principal


    With a strong combination of engineering and sales support, Mayne-McKenney helped a steering wheel manufacturer grow its Chrysler business to 95% of the total steering wheels supplied to the OEM. As the automotive market changed and the steering wheel became a key safety element of the vehicle, the industry shifted to requiring system suppliers vs. component suppliers. Mayne-McKenney engineered a smooth wind down of the business over a three year period, including a plant closing. During that time, Mayne-McKenney managed to help the company collect profitable price increases since Chrysler knew it was still a good deal for the company.